Yamaha O2R96 v2 (VCM) Package

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  • Model: O2R96 v2 PACKAGE
  • Manufactured by: Yamaha

Product Information

Yamaha O2R96 v2, Meter Bridge, 4-MY8-AE96, Add-On FX Used in our Studio in perfect condition Purchased and shipped directly from Yamaha and has never left our control room. See our studio site www.studiobohemo.com for more pictures of the board. The custom console is also for sale and local pickup or freight. Please call us if interest in both together. The Yamaha O2R96v2 is EXACTLY the same as the Yamaha O2R96VCM being sold today except that the current O2R96v2's re-branded as O2R96VCM's include the "Add-On effects, the best of which are included with this board.

Yamaha O2R96v2 LIST PRICE
1 - O2R96v2 - $10,299
1 - meter bridge - $1,099
4 - MY8-AE96 8 channel 24bit/96k AES/EBU Digital I/O YADIGI cards - $2,036.00 ($509ea)
1 - AE-021 Master Strip Package - $499.00
1 - AE011 Channel Strip Package - $499.00
1 - AE031 Reverb Package - $499.00
Total: List $14,931.00

25 - motorized faders, full automation
24 - channels of analog inputs (16 w/ class A mic pre’s 8 w/ line inputs) plus
64 - channels of digital I/O @ 24/96 (32-24/96 recording outs to DAW / 32-24/96 playback ins from DAW)
That’s 56 channels at mix in addition to the standard 8 - omni outs, aux sends, returns, 8 bus, mix outs etc.

The Yamaha O2R96 v2 Gives you the power to conquer digital audio production in any musical territory.


Evolution Of Excellence
A lot has changed in the world of digital audio production since the Yamaha 02R sparked the revolution back in 1995. But through it all the 02R became and remained the professional standard. Now, as the industry settles on the 24-bit 96-kHz format for the foreseeable future of professional digital audio, and surround sound proves that it is here to stay, it's time for a change. Meet the new standard: the 02R96. With more than five times the processing power of the original 02R, the 02R96 represents a thorough revision that brings every aspect of the console up to date with today's most advanced production needs. And since the 02R96 inherits key features from Yamaha's flagship DM2000 Digital Production Console - 96-kHz audio, surround monitoring, studio manger software, and DAW control - it makes the most advanced technology for commercial sound and music production available to a broad range of engineers and facilities.

Unprecedented 24-bit, 96-kHz Performance Throughout
Unlike conventional equipment that achieves operation in 96-kHz mode with reduced number of channels, the 02R96 imposes no such limitations - at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz. Full 96- kHz resolution with 32-bit internal processing and 58-bit accumulators is the standard. You get 56 channels of transparent, superdynamic 24-bit/96-kHz audio, plus all the additional effects and processing you'll ever need for most applications. Yamaha has included a comprehensive range of 96-kHz compatible stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing in the 02R96 - plus several designed specifically for surround. And you can use as many as four individual effect processors simultaneously.

Superlative Analog Head Amplifiers & Converters
And what about critical A/D conversion? All onboard A/D and D/A conversion makes use of the finest 24-bit/96-kHz converters. This is particularly important in the 02R96 because it features head amplifiers derived from the acclaimed DM2000 - some of the finest analog mic preamps available in any console, anywhere. The on-board converters ensure that you get an excellent digital representation of the warm, transparent output from these remarkable mic preamps. I/O capability is also in line with the rest of the console's performance: four I/O slots accept a new range of 24-bit/96-kHz-capable Mini-YGDAI digital and analog I/O cards as well as existing types.

56 Channels in 3 Layers, Plus Extraordinary Patching Flexibility
One of the advantages of working with digital is that it allows maximum power and flexibility to be packed into minimum space. On the 02R96, 24 precision 100-millimeter motorized channel faders can be instantaneously layer-switched to control any of 56 channels. Having all controls right in front of you at all times not only saves space, but it also means that all operations can be carried out without having to move away from the monitoring "sweet spot". What's more, all available inputs, outputs, effects, and channel inserts can be assigned to any of the console's channels or outputs via the 02R96's remarkably versatile, easy-to-use digital patching system.

For example, any of the four effect processors can be assigned to an auxiliary buss for send-type operation, or inserted directly into any input channel as required. A direct out function also allows the signal from any of the 56 input channels to be routed directly to any digital or analog output. The eight auxiliary busses can also be patched to anywhere in the system. Centralized control means you'll never have to run around to physically re-patch cables whenever you need to reconfigure the system, and patch setups you might want to use again can be stored in the patch library for instant recall at any time.

Top-quality Channel Compression, Gating, EQ and Delay
All 56 input channels on the 02R96 feature flexible, independent compression and gating/ducking processors for dynamics control . The 4-band parameter channel equalizers also offer extra versatility with switchable "type I" or "type II" EQ algorithms to deliver the type of EQ response you prefer. Even the channel delay goes beyond the norm, with a maximum delay of 453 milliseconds.

Expandable Data Libraries
Setting up EQ, compression, and other parameters for a mix from scratch can be a daunting task, so Yamaha has provided an extensive selection of presets in a range of "libraries" that can simply be selected and used unmodified, or edited to suit specific requirements. Libraries are provided for effects, compression, gating, EQ, I/O patching, and more. Of course, your own setups can be added to the libraries for instant recall whenever they are needed.

I/O Expandability and Plug-in Capability
The 02R96's real I/O versatility comes in the form of four Mini-YGDAI expansion slots. The expansion slots are 24-bit/96-kHz compatible, so you can select I/O and processing cards to provide the input/output configuration and processing capabilities that are perfect for your needs. Whether you need digital I/O in ADAT, TASCAM, or AES/EBU format, or extra analog I/O capability, the appropriate Mini-YGDAI cards are available. Apogee's high-performance A/D and D/A cards are supported, as is the very powerful Waves Y56K effects plug-in card.

A Complete Surround Solution
The 02R96 provides everything you need for 5.1 surround processing, panning and monitoring – including joystick – without any external equipment or the need to reassign channels for surround use. In addition to graphic monitor configuration displays, the 02R96 also provides multi-channel surround pan/position displays so you can see where multiple channels sit in the surround mix at a glance. The joystick provided for surround panning in the console's SELECTED CHANNEL control section has high 128 x 128 step resolution for exceptionally smooth control, and a divergence parameter can be used to adjust the hard/phantom center ratio for each channel.

Additional facilities provided by the monitor processing section include individual bus (speaker) muting and attenuation, overall level control for all monitor outputs, stem mix monitoring via independent source selection capability for each expansion slot, bass management for subwoofer delivery, and independent delays for precision speaker tuning.

Intuitive Interface Designed for Maximum Productivity
If you've used an 02R before, you'll feel right at home with the 02R96. It even has the same footprint size as the 02R, so replacing existing equipment is a snap. You will notice, however, that the control surface and user interface have been expanded and enhanced to allow analog-style hands-on operation with minimum need to refer to the LCD. 16 user-defined keys which can be assigned the functions of your choice are also provided.

Studio Manager Software Supplied
The 02R96 comes with Yamaha's Studio Manager application for both Macintosh® and Windows® platforms, allowing total control and management of all console parameters via a comprehensive graphic interface.

Comprehensive Automation and Scene Control
The 02R96 takes automation and scene memory recall to new levels of precision and ease-of-use. While providing full automation of virtually all console parameters, the 02R96 features smooth and quiet touch-sensitive, 100mm motorized faders that make writing and updating automated mixes faster and more intuitive than ever. And all automation data is recorded at 1/4-frame accuracy to ensure excellent precision.

Integrated DAW Control
The 02R96 has been designed to integrate tightly with leading digital audio workstations such as Digidesign's Protools® system and Steinberg's Nuendo® to create a complete production and mixing environment. Mixing and processing parameters, as well as transport control and editing functions can be controlled directly from the 02R96 surface. Integration with Emagic's Logic Audio® is also planned. Since the 02R96 employs the same control protocol as Yamaha's flagship DM2000 Digital Production Console, collaboration with software/hardware developers brings the same benefits to both consoles.

Refined Interface
The Yamaha 02R96 has been designed on the strength of past successes plus invaluable feedback from leading engineers and artists worldwide. It is the latest step in an ongoing evolution that makes more production power, creative potential, and operational efficiency available than ever before.

Fader & Encoder Mode
The FADER MODE keys allow the 02R96 faders to be instantaneously switched between fader and auxiliary level control, while the ENCODER MODE keys assign the console's rotary encoders for pan, send level, and other assignable control functions.

Display Control
The DISPLAY ACCESS keys determine which type of data will be shown on the LCD panel - a total of 12 selectable categories - in addition to the DISPLAY keys provided for each of the 02R96 control sections. This approach minimizes the need to scroll through onscreen lists when you need access to a particular type of data. Below the display access keys are a group of EFFECTS/PLUG-IN keys that can be used to instantly bring the parameters for any of the four simultaneously assignable effects to the display. Editing and selection of on-screen parameters is easy, too, via encoders located immediately below the display.

Selected Channel Section
The SELECTED CHANNEL controls are the hands-on channel controls for the currently selected input and output channel, with analog-style buttons and knobs for direct, easy access to every single parameter. Need to adjust the high-mid frequency a little? Just grab the HIGH-MID encoder and turn. And while we're on the subject of EQ, note that individual numeric displays are provided for each of the four EQ bands, displaying precise frequency and dB values immediately below the encoders so you don't have to refer to the LCD display. All of the sub-sections within the SELECTED CHANNEL section also feature DISPLAY keys that instantly bring the corresponding parameters up on the LCD display.

Monitor Section
The 02R96 MONITOR section features separate, multiple source selectors for the studio and control room sends, solo capability, separate source selectors and level control for surround monitoring, a DIMMER switch, and a TALKBACK section complete with slate capability. The 02R96 also offers advanced surround monitoring capability.

Scene Memory
Here's where you can store all console parameters as a new scene, or instantly recall previously-stored scenes. A numeric display right next to the STORE, RECALL, and UP/DOWN keys shows the current scene number - 01 through 99. Additional scene memories can be managed via a computer running the supplied Studio Manager software.

User Defined Keys<
These 16 keys can be assigned to control any functions you choose. You could, for example, individually mute surround monitor speakers, arm tracks on an MTR, etc. When the Protools® or Nuendo® Remote Layer mode is selected, the USED DEFINED KEYS are automatically assigned to dedicated control functions by default.

Machine Control
The 02R96 has been provided with a comprehensive range of facilities for external machine control. MMC protocol is supported, and control can be switched between MTR and master target machines. The MACHINE CONTROL section features basic transport control in the familiar layout - REW, FF, STOP, PLAY, and REC - for fast, efficient transport operation, plus locator keys for easy cue access.

Channel Strips
The 24 channel strips on the 02R96 panel provide access to the most essential operations for the corresponding channels. Depending on the currently selected layer, the channel strips will control channels 1 through 24, channels 25 through 48, or channels 49 through 56 as well as the eight AUX sends and eight busses (the "Master Layer"). Also the channel faders and encoders will function according to the settings in the FADER MODE and ENCODER MODE sections. In addition to a fader and rotary encoder, each channel strip includes a channel ON/OFF key, a SOLO key, and AUTO key to turn mix automation on or off for that channel, and a SEL key which assigns the channel as the console's "Selected Channel". Detailed control for the currently selected channel - dynamics, EQ, buss assignment, panning and surround positioning, - is available via the SELECTED CHANNEL controls.

Master & Layer Section
In addition to the master stereo fader with its own ON, SEL and AUTO keys, the master section includes keys for input channel layer selection (1-24, 25-48, or MASTER) as well as a selector for remote control.

Data Entry
Large cursor, INC/DEC, and enter keys are complemented by a data entry dial that lets you spin in values quickly and easily. The data entry dial also doubles as a shuttle/scrub dial for recorder or DAW control.

Analog Input Section
Inputs 1 through 16 feature high-performance head amplifiers for microphone or line input that deliver a pristine signal to the console's precision 24-bit/96-kHz A/D converters. 48-volt phantom power for condenser microphones is individually switchable for each input, trim controls and pad switches facilitate optimum level matching with the source, and switchable inserts make it easy switch external analog processing gear into or out of the pre-A/D signal path while maintaining optimum signal quality in wired installations. Inputs 17 through 24 accept line-level signals singly (each input has an independent trim control) or in pairs for stereo input.

Meter Bridge
The MB02R96 Peak Meter Bridge is a complete level-monitoring station with 12 12-segment level meters that can be used to display pre-EQ, pre-fader, or postfader input channel signal levels. An additional eight meters display levels on the console's eight busses. A separate 32-segment stereo meter is provided for the main stereo program.

Rear Panel
A quick look at the rear panel should tell you that the 02R96 is designed for serious production. Balanced XLR and TRS connectors are provided for inputs 1 through 16, in addition to insert jacks (insert switches are provided on the console). Line-input channels 17 through 24 feature balanced TRS inputs. Then there are balanced analog studio, stereo, control room, and monitor outputs as well as eight balanced "omni" outputs. Analog 2-track inputs are provided in addition to digital 2-track inputs and outputs featuring both AES/EBU and coaxial connectors.

On-board sample rate conversion allows CD players and other digital sources connected to the digital input to be monitored or routed to an input channel without having to be synchronized to the system clock. A wide range of synchronization and control options are available via word clock inputs and outputs, SMPTE and MTC time code inputs, MIDI connectors, and both serial and USB "TO HOST" connectors. Cascade in and output connectors allow two 02R96 consoles to be cascaded to provide up to 112 channels. Even the cooling fan is specially designed for ultra-quiet operation so that machine noise doesn't interfere with critical monitoring or recording operations.

Studio Manager Software
The 02R96 comes supplied with Yamaha's Studio Manager software application for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Studio Manager gives you complete access to all parameters for either on-line or offline control, and the program's visual interface makes it easy to relate on-screen controls to the corresponding console functions. The Studio Manager can also be used to manage an extensive archive of mix data. The Studio Manager includes the following main display pages:

Console Window
Almost a complete virtual mixer, this display shows the primary 02R96 channel parameters "in-line", as they would appear on an analog console. This is a comprehensive overview designed for fast, efficient editing of the most essential mix elements.

Effect Editor Window
In addition to offering superb quality, the 02R96 internal effects include an extensive range of editable parameters so the effects can be precisely customized for your requirements. The Effect Editor brings all related parameters for the selected effect together in a comprehensive display to make detailed editing easier than ever.

System Setup Dialog
This display includes all the basic setup parameters for the 02R96. Here's where you'll define your production "environment".

Surround Editor Window
When the console is being used in surround mode, the Surround Editor display can facilitate surround positioning of individual tracks.

Selected Channel Window
Similar to the SELECTED CHANNEL section on the 02R96 console, this display includes all parameters for the currently selected channel: level, buss assignments, sends, gate, compressor, equalization, delay, and more.

Library Window
The 02R96's dynamics, EQ, and effect libraries are an extraordinarily convenient tool for managing frequently-used setups. The Studio Manager Memory Management display makes operation easier than ever.

Timecode Counter Window
Displays current SMPTE time code in hours, minutes, seconds, and frames.

Patch Editor Window
When you add several Mini-YGDAI expansion cards to the 02R96 to create the input/output configuration you need, input and output patching can become an issue. The Patch Editor display makes patch assignments easy with an easy-to-use matrix type visual interface.


The O2R96 is an undeniable standard in audio production, providing advanced capabilities for audio production, broadcast, and live applications. It makes available the most advanced technology for commercial sound and music production to a broad range of engineers and facilities. Included are standards such as 96kHz audio, internal 32-bit processing, surround monitoring, studio manager software, and powerful DAW control. This update, which adds over 50 features and significant overall performance upgrades, has been released in response to the requests of its loyal users.

It includes full 96kHz resolution across all 56 channels, powerful control of all features through the studio manager software, visual feedback for all changes and controls through the LCD screen, customizable I/O, customizable assignment controls, and powerful global controls. A single channel offers a fader, rotary encoder, a channel ON/OFF key, a SOLO key, an AUTO key to turn mix automation on or off for that channel, and a SEL key which assigns the channel as the console's Selected Channel. Detailed control for the currently selected channel--dynamics, EQ, buss assignment, panning, and surround positioning--is available via the SELECTED CHANNEL controls. Also the channel faders and encoders will function according to the settings in the FADER MODE and ENCODER MODE sections.


General New Features
Add-On Effect Capability
Automix Static Insert Edit for clip based automation
Additional Settings on User Defined Keys, Encoder Mode
Additional Parameters on GPI and Recall Safe

Advanced DAW Integration
Nuendo and Cubase SX control by selected Channel Module
Surround pan control on Pro Tools Remote
MMC transport control on DAW Remote Layer

Advanced Surround Functions
6.1 Panning & Monitoring
Flexible Surround Bus Setup
Snap to SPL85
Additional Base Management Parameters
Surround Pan On / Off (by using Follow Pan switch)
Summed Monitoring of Surround Monitor Source

Broadcast Applications
Mix Minus
Operation Lock with password
Pre Fader SOLO with PAN
Fader / Solo Release
Independent L/R Oscillator (1kHz/400Hz)

Live SR/Theater Applications
User Assignable Layer
Fader Group Master
Mute Group Master
Alternative Layer control by Encoders
Instant group assignment with User Defined Keys
AUX Pre Fader Pre ON (AUX Pre Point)
Instant AUX monitoring (AUX/SOLO LINK)
Global Paste to multiple scenes
Global Fade Time
Global Recall Safe
Gain Reduction Meter
e ON (AUX Pre Point)
Instant AUX monitoring (AUX/SOLO LINK)
Global Paste to multiple scenes
Global Fade Time
Global Recall Safe
Gain Reduction Meter

Options (not included):
Side panel: SPO2R96

Software update to the O2R96
Adds over 50 features and performance upgrades
Audio production, broadcast, and live applications
LCD screen
Internal 32-bit processing
Full 96kHz resolution across 56 channels
Studio manager software
Visual feedback for all changes and controls
Customizable I/O
Customizable assignment controls
Powerful global controls
Controls on each channel: fader, rotary encoder, channel ON/OFF key,
SOLO key, AUTO key, and SEL key
Dynamics, EQ, buss assignment, panning, and surround positioning
controlled via software
Channel faders and encoders have assignable modes
Surround monitoring
Studio manager software

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