DSR-3 Dual Spring Reverb

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  • Model: Vermona DSR-3
  • Manufactured by: Vermona

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Stereo spring reverberation for highest standards FEATURES: Stereo and more Our DSR–3, Dual Spring Reverb, was developed to deliver stereophonic spring reverberation for professional users. Furthermore, we couldn’t resist adding creative potential to the unit by including additional operating modes for parallel and serial use. Matched Pairs Just like in our valve-based ReTubeVerb, the classic VSR 3.2 and the adventurous Retroverb Lancet, DSR–3 relies on the exceptional sound quality of AccuBell springs (formerly Accutronics). To ensure perfect stereo sound, the springs of DSR–3 are manually checked, selected and matched with great care. Each channel offers a two band equalizer with BASS and TREBLE controls being carefully matched to the specific frequency range of the springs. Hereby, the effect can be adjusted to your specific needs easily and with great flexibility. High-level-communication Besides 6.3mm in- and outputs in jack-format (TS), DSR–3 additionally offers balanced XLR- in- and outputs. Output balancing is carried out by custom-designed transformers with excellent sonic characteristics. As a benefit, DSR–3 becomes a first-class DI-box this way. Productivity and creativity Both spring channels can be combined in three operating modes or used independently:
STEREO processes stereophonic audio sources. To ensure perfect matching of the settings, the first SPRING REVERB channel controls all parameters being sonically relevant.
DUAL MONO processes two independent sound sources. Each channel acts independently as if it was a single unit. SERIAL for experimental spring reverberation effects. The reverberated signal of channel one is routed into the second channel, making long reverb tails possible. DSR–3 is assembled with loving care in our electroacoustic manufactory in Erlbach, Germany – the so called Vogtland. Using VERMONA’s DSR–3 allows creating highest quality lush and full reverberation effects with depth and vintage charm of days gone by. SPECIFICATIONS: Spring Tank Accu-Bell, Typ 9 number of springs: 3 reverbration time: between 1.75 s and 3 s Inputs 1/4in-jack input, front unbalanced max. input sensitivity: –14 dBu impedance: 1 MΩ 1/4in-jack inputs, rear unbalanced

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