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Neutrik Silent 90 Degree

Neutrik Silent Straight

Neutrik 90 Degree

Neutrik Straight

15 feet

20 feet
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  • Model: SB-CGC
We custom build these cables right here in Bohemia using Mogami high fidelity 2524 guitar cable, silver solder and Neutrik gold connectors with silent ends so you don't get that annoying pop when unplugging your instrument.

We offer a choice of straight silent ends (great for strat) and 90 degree angle silent ends (great for tele) as well as the option of straight or angled ends on the other side amp/pedal side as well.

Our stock lengths are 15 or 20 feet but we can also make longer lengths it needed. Just give us a call or shoot us an email.

Cable Sprcifications:
Conductor Size: #20AWG
* Insulation: 0.106" Overall Diameter, PE type
* Sub-Shield: 0.134" Overall Diameter, Conductive PVC type
* Jacket: 0.236" Overall Diameter, PVC, Black

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