Redplate Blackline Handwired Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black/Tan

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  • Model: Blackline BT
  • Manufactured by: RedPlate Amps


BlackLine with Black Mesa Tolex and Mojo Black & Tan grillcloth. The BlackLine is a dual channel amplifier that raises the bar on guitar tone. The clean channel is inspired by the Blackface circuits of the early ‘60s and the lead channel is the product of 10 years of extensive development. A true two channel amp with independent tone controls on each channel along with midrange boost and adjustable boost for the drive channel, fixed boost for the clean channel. The player can easily go from crystal clean to blues/rock crunch up to searing fusion tones. Operation could not be easier – set the clean channel and adjust the master for the room size, then set the lead channel controls to your favorite crunch tones. With the included footswitch you can step on midboost for creamy fusion or step on boost for rock, step on both for endless sustain. The active master volume means no attenuator is needed even for small rooms and a fully buffered tube effects loop lets you place your time based effects where they belong, after the preamp. Features: ​3 position mids mode switch (less - norm - fat) Pull bright on clean volume Pull deep on clean middle Lead channel is separate from the clean channel and has its own treble, middle, and bass along with gain, drive, and level Dual EL-34 power section with 50 watt /18 watt power switch Single coil - humbucker - fat switch for each channel Variable boost for lead channel and fixed boost for clean channel Mid boost switch Footswitch controls mid, lead and boost ​ Like all RedPlate amps the BlackLine is hand built, all point to point (eyelet board) construction. Reliable, quiet and ready to enjoy for a lifetime.

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