Retroverb Lancet

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  • Model: Vermona Reverb Lancet
  • Manufactured by: Vermona
SPECIAL ORDER ITEM Please allow 3-5 days additional delivery time.

Analogue box of magic for effect enthusiasts!


Effective against boredom, supporting creative sound design
A unique team play of spring reverberation, analogue multimode filtering, distortion and VCA, modulated by an ultra fast LFO and an envelope that can be triggered in flexible ways – Retroverb Lancet offers a comprehensive arsenal of many-sided effects for different applications. The spectrum by far surpasses classic reverberation, filter sweeps or overdrive because you are able to tweak and bend any parameter fast and intuitively to your liking.

Retroverb Lancet will change the way you work with effects. It becomes part of your sound engine, fires it up and will end up as essential part of your sonic signature.

Source of effectiveness
We designed Retroverb Lancet in a way that it can perfectly handle signals of any kind: Guitars, basses, synthesizers, organs or microphones. On top of that, Retroverb Lancet allows you to create percussive sounds using its crash function.

Retroverb Lancet is a real jack of all trades with character, suited for adventurous sound designers and tinkerers.


Audio Input
max. input sensitivity: –32 dBu
impedance: 1 MΩ
max. output level: 20 dBu
impedance: 600 Ω
Trigger- and CV-inputs
audio trigger
max. input sensitivity: –32 dBu
impedance: 1 MΩ
gate & CRASH
min. voltage: + 4 V
external cv
voltage: ± 10 V
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
direct: > 80 dB
effect (filter completely open, no reverb): > 75 dB
Spring Tank
number of springs: 3
reverbration decay: between 2.75 db and 4.00 s
modes: 24-db-lowpass, 24-db-highpass, 12-db-bandpass
modulations sources: envelope generator, envelope follower, external CV, LFO
frequency range: 0.05 Hz … 300 Hz
waveforms: ramp up, ramp down, square, sine, S&H, envelope generator
Envelope Generator
modes: AD, ASR
attack: 1 ms … 10 s
decay/release: 1 ms … 15 s
power supply: external DC-adapter with 12 V/1000 mA
dimensions: 26 cm x 14.5 cm x 8 cm (width x depth x height)
weight: 0.75 kg
wooden side panels

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