Lynx AES Digital Audio Cable

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  • Model: CBL-AES1605
  • Manufactured by: Lynx
The Lynx CBL-AES1605 16 channel (8 in / 8 out) digital audio snake that is designed to connect the Lynx AES16 cards (HD26 connections) to Lynx Aroura converters, Yamaha products (i.e. O2R96) or any AES digital audio B25 connection following following the Yamaha pin out protocol.

Note: Each Lynx AES16 card supports 16 channels in and 16 channels out and requires two cables per card. The Yamaha O2r96 can accept 4-8ch digital audio cards for a total of 32ch dedicated digital ins and outs between the board and two Lynx ES16 cards and requires 4 Lynx CBL-AES1605 cables. This configuration yields a dedicated 32 track recorder in addition to the normal analog and digital inputs and outputs of the board.

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