Wampler Blackface 65

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  • Model: BLACK65
  • Manufactured by: Wampler
USED - NEW CONDITION We love this pedal! We just could not find a bad setting on it. If you love playing through an amp and just haven't found a pedal that has that same feel (they always seem too distorted or too colored or too loud etc.) this may be what you have been looking for. The dynamics are closer to a real amp and the response allow the pedal to be worked the same way a blackface Twin or Deluxe responds to the player. We used it in our studio for a few sessions. It is in new condition and the pictures are of the actual pedal. Here's the info from Wampler: Over the years, we've had tons and tons of folks asking us when we were going to produce an overdrive pedal that emulates the sound of a cranked Fender amp. When Brian decided that he was going to see if he could do it, he wanted to ensure that it was perfect. Looking back at it now, we think he must have spent a good 9 months breadboarding and prototyping lots of different ideas, a/b-ing each one with various Fender amps, tweaking and changing until he found the sound that was accurate. Once he got a sound that he was 100% happy with, he took it to Nashville studio ace Brent Mason to test it out. To be certain, Brian also took several pedals by other companies that are supposed to do the same thing. Brent knows Fender® amps better than anyone, and Brian knew if Brent thought it was good, we were onto a winner. Long story short, Brent LOVED it! We've heard guys say they hear The Twin, some say Vibrolux, some say Deluxe Reverb® when they play this pedal. Whatever they hear, it still has that "Blackface" type of sound that we were looking for. When you turn it up, it's going to break up more like the amp would if you turn it up.

With the additional of the boost switch, you can increase the gain to make it sound like the amp is being driven harder.

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