Lovepedal Echo Baby

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  • Model: echo baby
  • Manufactured by: Lovepedal


Don't let the size fool ya. This little echo sounds pure and musical. If you have ever wrestled with a delay to get just the right balance where it works with you playing but never gets in the way of what you are playing, this may be the delay you've been looking for. Listen to Josh Smith put it through it's paces and you'll see what we mean.

The bright blue Echo Baby offers up 760ms of delay. Delay effects usually come with a host of controls, including blend, time, feedback, modulation depth and speed, and tap tempo, so how do you make a delay pedal with only one knob? Lovepedal has assigned that knob to control the length of the delay time, adding two trim pots accessible with a small screwdriver through holes on the bottom of the pedal for adjusting the feedback and dry/wet blend.

In addition to delay, the Echo Baby offers modulation. To set the amount of modulation, you hold down the footswitch switch for two seconds and then twist the pedal’s chicken-head knob. Once you’ve set the modulation amount, the pedal automatically adjusts the modulation speed and depth according to the chosen “time” setting—that is, as you decrease the delay time, the modulation speed and depth increase slightly.

Unless I wanted a sick warble at longer delay times, I found a relatively low modulation amount suited my tastes. At this minimal setting, the pitch waver adds a simulated analog-tape flutter to the echoes in both long and short delay settings. If you don’t want modulation, you can shut it off by holding the footswitch for two seconds and turning the knob all the way down.

The Final Mojo - I didn’t plan on getting out my little screwdriver in the middle of a gig to change the delay amount or feedback, so I set the unit for just a couple of repeats occurring well below the original signal. With the delay set on the short side, the Echo Baby created a reverb simulation that added warm depth to my Strat through the reverb-less Tiny Terror. Longer delay settings added a subtle sustaining tail to the notes. For me, this setting offers the maximum bang for the buck. It also allows you to dedicate another more-programmable or fully controllable delay to ambient or heavier slapback effects. However you choose to set up and use the Echo Baby, it will deliver gorgeous sounding, studio-quality delay.

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