Oktava ML-52-02 Ribbon Microphone

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  • Model: Oktava ML-52-02
  • Manufactured by: Oktava Microphones
ML-52-02 Ribbon Microphone

This is an actual DUAL filiment (2,5 micron thin) ribbon mic. Don't confuse this with the single filiment mics you are seeing. These are the real thing, built in Russia using the same technology they have used for over 60 years. The virtually non-existent noise floor means that, used in conjunction with a good pre-amp, it is an ideal mic for digital recording.

The figure-of-eight pattern is almost completely uniform at all frequencies and has many advantages and uses in broadcast and installation due to the negligible sound it picks up from the sides. The ML52 is eminently suited to string and brass instruments giving a sparkling but never harsh overall sound and also gives a particularly pleasing smooth sound to vocals.

Fequency Response & Technical Specifications

Polar Pattern Figure of eight
Freq. Response, Hz 20-20000
Output sensitivity, mV/Pa 1,6
Aluminium Ribbon 2.5 micron
Nominal Output Impedance 300ohm
Rated Load Impedance

1.5 k ohm @ 300ohm
1 k ohm@ 200ohm
Maximum SPL @ 1kHz > 135dB
Maximum Output Voltage 1,2V
Temp. Range -35degrees C to +45 degrees C
Relative Humidity 85% (+25 degrees C)
Accessories included Mic holder

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