Oktava MKL-2500 Tube Microphone

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  • Model: Oktva MKL-2500
  • Manufactured by: Oktava Microphones
This remarkable microphone combines the warmth and clarity associated with tube technology and the presence of the capsule design for which Oktava is famous.
It is perfectly suited to digital recording by adding the character that can often be missing in digital recordings , while maintaining a very low noise floor.

* Cardioid pattern
* 6C31A-P tube and special powerblock design gives enough third-harmonic content to brighten and add warmth to any sound source
* Gold-sputtered 33mm diaphragm adds the extra presence vocalists adore
* A great mic for adding character to digital recordings.

Fequency Response & Technical Specifications

Polar Pattern Cardioid
Freq. Response, Hz 20-20000
Output sensitivity, mV/Pa 13
Power Power Block supplied
Nominal Output Impedance 200ohm
Minimum load impedance
1 k ohm

Maximum SPL @ 1kHz > 135dB
Maximum Output Voltage 1.2V
Current Consumption 8mA
Temp. Range -35degrees C to +45 degrees C
Relative Humidity 85% (+25 degrees C)

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