Oktava MK-220 Large Diaphragm Microphone

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  • Model: Oktava MK-220
  • Manufactured by: Oktava Microphones
MK-220 Large Diaphragm Microphone

Oktava's first twin diaphragm, multi-pattern microphone developed from the industry-workhorse Oktava MK-319. This spectacular new microphone offers all the richness of the special, warm, up front sound with which the 319 has graced vocal takes all over the world for years

In addition to the added ambience-capturing omni directional capability, the figure 8 capability - offering balanced pick-up from both sides of the microphone - is perfect to use for more sophisticated stereo miking techniques such as Blumlein and Mid-Side and provides a genuine low-cost/high quality flexibility to your microphone closet.

Fequency Response & Technical Specifications

Mic type Large diaphragm condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid, omni, fig-of-eight
Freq. Response, Hz 20-18000
Output sensitivity, mV/Pa 10
Max SPL, dB for 0,5% THD 140
Self Noise (DIN), dBa <14
Output impedance, ohm 200
Phase Positive
Powering, V 48
Supply current, mA 8
Switches -10dB / High-Pass Filter
Weight, g 620
Length, mm 205
Max diameter/width, mm 52
Temp. Range -35degrees C to +45 degrees C
Relative Humidity 85% (+25 degrees C)
Accessories included Mic holder

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