Oktava MK-104 Microphone

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  • Model: Oktava MK-104
  • Manufactured by: Oktava Microphones
The MK-104 is a mid-sized diaphragm microphone. It was developed to provide a microphone with a cardioid pattern and broad frequency range between Oktava's small and large diagram sizes.

The MK-104 provides a new mid-sized, 19.5 mm capsule, as one of the only mid-sized diaphragm microphones on the market today.

The MK-104 is a front address, cardioid capsule design. The MK-103 utilizes the now famous MK-012 pre-amp body. The construction of the capsule has been designed to offer maximum rear rejection.

Fequency Response & Technical Specifications

Mic type Large diaphragm condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Freq. Response 20-20000Hz
Phantom voltage required 48 +- 2V
Full impedance, module less than 300 ohms
Weighted SPL (ref. DIN 45412) 18 dBA
Maximum SPL in 250-8000Hz range, (less than 0.5% THD) 140 db
Free field sensitivity at 1KHz > 9 mV/Pa
Free field sensitivity roll off from 40Hz to 16KHz should not exceed +- 2,5 db
The difference in free field sensitivity between 0° and 90° in 250-8000 Hz range 6 +-2 dB
Average sensitivity difference between 0° and 180° for cardioid capsule in 63-12500 Hz range > 12 db

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