Chapmon Guitars Notatele Custom

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Hard Case (Black)

Hardshell Olive Tweed

New Fender neck-plate/ strap button on nose
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  • Model: telecustom
  • Manufactured by: Chapmon Guitars

This one off Notafender Notatele Custom was cobbled together by Chapmon Guitar mad scientist in a hidden mountain laboratory during a lightning storm using the only parts and pieces licensed by Fender.  This is obviously a parts guitar since Fender doesn't make anything like this... but they sure should! 

Neck: Warmoth Pro compound radius birdseye maple vintage amber satin nitrocellulose finish, padouk fretboard, stainless steel frets, abalone dots, GraphTek Tusk II self lubricating top nut and Vintage Fender machine heads

Body: Warmouth solid Ash Telecaster body, butterscotch blonde nitrocellulose finish, Bridge: Joe Barden neck plate: Fender tapped for extra large strap button (no nose strap button)

Electronics: 250k CTS pots with Mojo oilcan capacitors Fender HiFi pickup custom rebuild/rewound for vintage tone

Strap Button: A signature feature of Chapmon Guitars is the strap button, which we place at the neck joint on all our guitars and basses. If you've ever wished your Strat hung naturally at a more comfortable playing angle, like a 335, for instance, then you will love this feature. If not, it’s and easy modification to switch out the neck plate and install a strap button in the nose. We offer this as a custom option on the side menu.

This is a great sounding and playing guitar with tons of vibe and a understated elegance. The finish around the string ferrules is a little uneven where they were heat set into the finish and this is one small almost undetectable finish chip under the lip of the input jack. The guitar is a near perfect built, like new with no signs of wear. The string ferules were heated and pushed into the finish a common practice to make the surface of the ferules flush with the finish rather than sitting on top of the finish however with a milky finish such as a honey blond, this left flaws around string ferules. It's not noticeable unless you look closely but hey, look closely and see if that would bother you.