The Rick Clogston Band "They'll Never Shut Us Up" CD


Rick Clogston's debut CD spans classic prog rock with a tip of the hat to Rush (and other influences) to bluegrass and Ventures surf guitar. Lyrically, it goes through goats, mud bogs and the end of the world while staying grounded with taste and humor.

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  • Artist: The Rick Clogston Band
  • Genre: Rock 
1. In Between the Heartbeats
2. We Were Hard
3. Witness Protection
4. Peter Pan's Lemonade Stand
5. Understand the Blue
6. Plan A
7. Bluesville
8. Minivan Man
9. Gary and the Goat
10. Just Passing Through
11. Labor of Love
12. Revolution of the Heart
13. Wheels
14. Witness Protection Sludge Mix

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