Vintage 1987 Mesa Boogie Mark III Thiele Stack *SOLD*

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  • Model: Mesa Boogie Mark3
  • Manufactured by: Mesa Boogie

Super sweet used Mesa Boogie Mark III red stipe simul-class tube bubinga and cane combo with a factory original matching bubinga and cane Mesa Boogie Thiele 1x12 closed back extension cabinet loaded with a matching Mesa Boogie Black Shadow Speaker and ATA flight cases. The amp is in perfect condition and was recently serviced and biased.

Simul-Class: Switchable Class A 60 Watt or Class A/B 100 Watt
Graphic EQ
Fottswitch Rhytm/Lead
Footswitchable Rhytm (pedal not included however any switch pedal with proper polarity will work)
Footswitchable Reverb/EQ. (pedal not included however any switch pedal with proper polarity will work)
Slave Out
Effects Loop
Mesa Boogie EV Black Shadow 200 Watt Speaker
Closed Back Matching Thiele Bubinga/Cane Extension Cabinet loaded with a matching Mesa Boogie EV Black Shadow Speaker

The Mark III was launched by Mesa/Boogie in 1985. It introduced a third channel, a crunch rhythm sound right in between the rhythm and lead channels. This amp has a dual footswitch system: one footswitch alternates between the current rhythm mode and the lead mode, and the other selects either the clean rhythm mode or the crunch rhythm mode. The two rhythm modes share all of their controls, while the lead mode only shares the rhythm modes tone stack, featuring independent gain and master volume controls. Mark III amps come in series, with each new series come new improvements ; series are called stripes and the five stripes were as follows:

Stipe (in order):

None or Black Stripe: (No mark or a little dot. Only a few hundred then some balck marks or +s .) Lean and powerful amp with more output power than a IIC+

Purple Stripe: Reshaping reshaping of R2 - shaped to be more rounded and less gain, with improved level

Red Stripe: R2 is like current Mark III - further developed and very hot. Lead mode is also tweaked to close in on the IIC+ sound

Blue Stripe: Reshaping of R1 - more aggressive preamp gain – reshaping of R1, Power section made akin to IIC+

Green Stripe: Cleaner R1, Lead channel reshaping, and unlike pother Simul amps, these Mark IIIs were wired in Pentode - NOT triode in the Class A sockets for more power. Power section is same as Blue otherwise.

R1, R2 refer to Rhytm1 & Rhytm2 channels

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