Chance Lindsley "Raw Chance" CD Kick Starter

Chance Lindsley is a talented songwriter. This limited release of these raw unproduced tracks is part of kick starter campaign to help Chance raise funds to complete his CD Project.

These tracks are simple and bare, without polish or filler. You can hear the influence of the American heartland in Chances writing. Here's what you get...

With a $15.00 contribution
- a high fidelity CD quality MP3 release of Raw Chance.

1. My Peruvian

2. Voodoo

3. Bonus Day

4. Sebastian

5. Against The Grain

6. But A Dream

7. Light on my Face

8. Beneath The Full Moon

9. Sunny Day

10. Heatseeking Tangerine

11. It Aint Easy Being Poor

12. Listless Dream

13. Lucky To Lose Your Mind

14. No Bodhi Satva

15. No Roads From Here

16. Our Time Will Come

17. Tengo Momasita

18. Your Game

19. What If We Sang

  • Model: Raw Chance