Korg Karma

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  • Model: Karma
  • Manufactured by: Korg

What pieces of gear break that technology barrier and become classics? Which things have a soul or do a certain thing really well and become a workhorse? Sometimes it surprises you, like a low bit handheld sampler that was just cool or an arp that did this thing you've heard on a hundred songs or tv shows. Will this be one? I don't know but it certainly does do a thing and still do it well and it's just fun to play and easy to manipulate.

This analog modeling synth is true gem. You can get classic synth sounds and easily manipulate them without wasting a bunch time mapping controllers you can also layer sounds and create complex multi-instrument patches with real-time controllers.

The keyboard is in great cosmetic condition and and functional conditions (sounds great and works great) with the exception that a few of the pads and buttons contacts were a bit scratchy/sketchy from lack of use but functioned fine after working them a bit. We used it in our studio for one session and since it may be a while before we have need of a large synth library, we are passing it on for someone else to use and enjoy. If you need to get complex synth sounds with the most relevant controls already underhand for each patch, this is a great board to get there with quick with little fiddling or learning curve. If you are the sort that likes to really sink your head in the manual and learn every last envelope filter and how to to program it.... it does that too and comes with the the original manual and seems pretty simply to intuitively get there as well if a present cant be manipulated to do what you want to hear.

The unit is good working and cosmetic condition. The pictures are of the actual unit. Again, some of the pads had to be hit a couple of times to actuate. This is likely from lack of use and sitting in a closet for a couple of years.

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