Mono Lancet

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  • Model: Vermona Mono Lancet
  • Manufactured by: Vermona
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A sonic giant in a dwarf’s costume


You might not notice it at first sight: Despite its minimal dimensions, Mono Lancet is a full-fledged analogue synthesizer with huge sound.
Perfectly tuned

Two fully equipped oscillators lay the powerful foundation for its sound: punchy basses, searing leads or wide beating sounds succeed effortlessly. In addition, fast ADSR envelopes allow easy creation of percussive sounds.

No matter for what Mono Lancet is being used; it always shines with precious, musical character which seamlessly integrates into the overall sonic mix.
Boundless expandability thanks to Modular Dock

But there is more: By using the optional Modular Dock, Mono Lancet’s sonic possibilities can be extended without limits. Pulse width-, frequency- and amplitude-modulation are just the tip of the iceberg and realizable without additional modules.

The combination of Mono Lancet and the Eurorack-compatible Modular Dock can be your entry into to world of modular synthesizers or a useful expansion of your existing system.

Be careful: Danger of addiction!



waveforms: square, sawtooth, triangle
octaves: 8’, 16’, 32’


waveforms: square, sawtooth
white noise generator
octaves: 4’, 8’, 16
detune +/- 7 halftones

VCO 1 & 2

adjustable LFO intensity to pitch
bi-polar adjustable envelope generator intensity
glide (switchable autoglide)
pulse-width adjustable via MIDI (modulation wheel CC#1)
master tune +/- 1 note

Voltage Controlled Filter

lowpass filter with 24 db/octave
resonance can be played in a range of approx. 2 1/2 octaves
bi-polar adjustable envelope generator intensity
adjustable LFO intensity
switchable keytrack: OFF, 50%, 100%


modes: EG (envelope generator), GATE envelope, ON


waveforms: square, triangle, sample & hold
frequency range: approx. 0,05 Hz to 250 Hz

Envelope Generator

Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

MIDI Interface

note on/off
pitch bender on/off (CC 84) – modulates VCO frequency (+/- 4 notes)
modulation wheel on/off (CC 85) – modulates square waves pulse-width
aftertouch on/off (CC 86) – modulates cutoff frequency
velocity on/off (CC 87) – modulates VCA
velocity additionally can switched on/off for cutoff frequency (CC 88)
auto-glide on/off (CC 89)
legato on/off (CC 90)


power supply: external AC-PSU with 12 V~, 830 mA
dimensions: approx. 21 cm x 14.5 cm x 5.5 cm
weight: approx. 0.75 kg


Mono Lancet Modular Dock - eurorack expander module
wooden side panels