Why is Music Bohemo so awesome?

Don't you hate those softball questions that are really only the lead in for a sales pitch? Yeah we do to!

What about international sales delivery checkout etc?

Sure, we are happy to sell to anyone that can pay us. Unfortunately "free trade" only truly applies to governments and multinational corporations that can lobby those governments. The rest of us have to pay outrageous costs for that "free trade". We can tell you what shipping costs will be and we accept payment through Bitcoin and Paypal which handles the currency conversation credit card processing etc. The only thing we can't tell you is what your own government will charge you charge you in tariffs and duty taxes to trade with us. Our website checkout doesn't handle international shipping and may or may not freak out if you try. The easiest way is to simple email us and tell us the item(s) you want to buy and the actual address where you want them shipped. We will respond with shipping info and if you want to purchase, we will send you a Paypal invoice for checkout. While we are no fan of "the man", we aren't going to lie either. Please don't ask us to falsify customs forms. We will only ship with the actual price disclosed on forms and only insured for the actual amount of the purchase.