Audient iD22 Mic Preamp USB Audio Interface

05/16/2016Wes Chapmon
The ID 22 is my favorite laptop / project studio interface ever! Yes thats saying a lot. I have had a LOT of DAW interfaces since my first system back when they required SCSI interfaces and USB hadn't been invented yet. The ID22 was designed by people that build analog recording consoles and understand a recording chain. This shows in the pristine Audient preamps that give you plenty of analog gain rather than digital gain in the software. They also give you inserts BEFORE the wonderful Burr Brown converters (my pet peeve with just about every other interface). Even the software is clean and uncluttered and works like a console rather than a video game or computer geek spreadsheet. It is simple elegant and rock solid and easily expandable buy adding and ASP880 or ASP800.