Audient iD22 Mic Preamp USB Audio Interface

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  • Model: Audient iD22
  • Manufactured by: Audient
The iD22 USB Audio Interface and monitoring system transforms your DAW into a world-class recording system by connecting directly to your microphones, computer and monitors. Our focus is on producing the very best audio quality while keeping all of the functions simple and intuitive - enabling you to concentrate on the creative process.

10-in, 14-out Desktop Interface
2-in, 6-out high performance 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA converters
2 superb class-A mic preamplifiers & 1 discrete JFET instrument input Fully balanced insert points for integrating outboard gear
High current headphone amplifier fed by an independent DAC
Low latency DSP mixer for artist mixes
Main and alternative stereo outputs
User defined monitoring functionality with hardware control
USB2.0 class compliant connectivity - Mac OS10.6.8 or later Multi-application ASIO and WDM drivers for Windows 7 and later

Pristine Converter Technology
iD22 provides two analogue inputs and six analogue outputs, these are driven by high quality 24-bit/96kHz convertors. Through months of tests we optimsed component selections and circuit topologies to obtain every last ounce of convertor performance. The results are simply stunning - pin sharp stereo imaging, a fast

World Class Mic Pres
iD22 provides two classic Audient microphone preamplifiers - the same pre amps that have become renowned with over 50,000 channels in use worldwide. Our hybrid design utilises a class-A front end to provide clean and musical characteristics that sound stunning on any session. iD22 has the best mic preamp found on any audio interface and instantly provides a platform to produce outstanding recordings.
Both input channels have a pad to handle hot levels, phantom power for condenser microphones, a high pass filter to remove unwanted low frequencies and a polarity switch to help you phase align your inputs. Channel two features a discrete JFET DI input for you guitars, synths and other instruments.

Grows With Your Needs
iD22 is more than just a two in, six out interface. As your system grows iD22 can be expanded via the optical input and output connectors, supporting both ADAT and SPDIF. When tracking drums you can expand up to ten inputs via an eight-channel mic pre such as our ASP880 into the iD22 via ADAT. When working with your favourite outboard reverb, this can be connected in stereo via S/PDIF and integrated via the mixer app offering you a practical and flexible desktop package.

Fully Balanced Inserts
The two fully balanced insert points give you the chance to add your processing prior to conversion. Insert your favourite compression and EQ to build vocal chains that rival the very best. The insert return also gives you direct access to the analogue to digital converters - providing the cleanest signal path possible, making it great for print-backs or integrating outboard line level sources.

Console Style Monitor Control
iD22 has built-in console style monitor control functions - Mono, polarity, dim, cut, speaker switching, talkback & cue mix monitoring. This makes iD22 the first audio interface that truly is the hub of a studio.
You can assign any input channel to be the talkback source from the mixer app, and feed it straight into the two cue mixes.

Customise Your Control Surface
We understand how important it is for you to be able to focus on the music and have designed the iD22 with that in mind. No more time spent searching for that software talkback control, just assign the functions you need to the three hardware function keys and allow the creativity to flow. The solid aluminium control knobs look and feel great, and the dedicated DIM and CUT controls give you the hands-on control that’s familiar to large format console users.

Beautifully Simple Mixer App
All the internal routing, mixing and configuration of iD22 can be done within the iD22 mixer app. We have focused on the features you really need and have made sure they are fast and easy to use. You can even label your channels ‘console-tape’ style for that authentic Audient experience! As well as being easy on the eye, the mixer app is designed to keep out of your way and let the music be the prime focus.
Built To Last
Quality deserves protection and iD22 has been designed to last. It's all-metal construction, machined aluminium knobs and toggle switches will stand up to countless late nights in the studio and days on the road.

Microphone Preamplifiers: (Measured To Insert Send) Mic Gain: -10 To +60 Db (-10Db Pad)
Line Gain: -20 To +40 Db (-10Db Pad)
Phantom Power: 48V +/-4V at 10Ma/Channel
Mic Ein: <-125Dbu
Cmrr: >80Db at 1Khz
Maximum Input Level: +22Dbu (+32Dbu With Pad) Input Impedance (Mic): >3Kw Balanced
Input Impedance (Line): >10Kw Balanced Frequency Response: +/-0.5Db 10Hz To 100Khz Crosstalk: <-90Dbu ar 1Khz & 10Khz
THD+N at 0Dbu (1Khz): 0.0015% (-96Dbu)
SNr: 96Db
HPf: -3Db at 100Hz, 2Nd Order (12Db/Octave) XLr: Pin 2 (Hot), Pin 3 (Cold) & Pin 1 (Shield)
1/4in Jack: Tip (Hot), Ring (Cold) & Sleeve (Shield)
D.I (Channel 2):
(measured to insert send)
D.I Gain: -16 to +54 dB (-10dB Pad)
Maximum Input Level: +16Dbu (Typical), +22Dbu Input Impedance: 1Megw Unbalanced Frequency Response: +/-0.5Db 10Hz To 50Khz THd+N at 0Dbu (1Khz): <0.03% (-70Dbu)
SNr: 93Db
1/4in Jack: Tip (Hot) & Sleeve (Shield)
Insert Sends (Mic Pre Out):
Maximum Output Level: +22Dbu
Output Impedance: <100 ohm Balanced
1/4in Jack: Tip (Hot), Ring (Cold) & Sleeve (Shield)
Power Supply:
12Vdc Centre Positive Dc Adapter - >1.5Amps
Internally Conditioned To Provide +48Vdc, +/-15Vdc & Low Voltage Rails For Digital Processing Core & Converters.
ID22 Cannot Be Bus Powered For Quality Reasons.
Adc Line Inputs (Insert Returns):
(Measured At Optical Output Under Aes-17)
Maximum Input Level: +18Dbu
Digital Reference Level: 0Dbfs = +18Dbu
Input Impedance: >10Kw Balanced
Frequency Response: +/-0.5Db 10Hz To Fs/2
Crosstalk: -100Dbu at 1Khz & 10Khz
THD+N at -1Dbfs (1Khz): <0.002% (-94Db)
THD+N at -6Dbfs (1Khz): <0.0015% (-97Db)
Dynamic Range: 117Db Un-Weighted, 120Db A-Weighted 1/4in Jack: Tip (Hot), Ring (Cold) & Sleeve (Shield)
DAC Outputs (1-4):
(Measured From Optical Input Under Aes-17)
Maximum Output Level: +18Dbu
Digital Reference Level: 0Dbfs = +18Dbu
Output Impedance: <100 ohm Balanced
Frequency Response: +/-0.5Db 5Hz To Fs/2 Crosstalk:-110Dbu at 1Khz & 10Khz
THD+N at -1Dbfs (1Khz): <0.0008% (-101Db)
Dynamic Range: 110Db Un-Weighted, 114Db A-Weighted 1/4in Jack: Tip (Hot), Ring (Cold) & Sleeve (Shield)
Headphone Output (5&6): (Measured From Optical Input Under Aes-17) Maximum Output Level: +18Dbu
Digital Reference Level: 0Dbfs = +18Dbu
Output Impedance: <50 ohm Balanced
Frequency Response: +/-0.5Db 5Hz To Fs/2
Crosstalk: -110Dbu at 1Khz & 10Khz
THD+N t -1Dbfs (1Khz): <0.0008% (-101Db)
Dynamic Range: 110Db Un-Weighted, 114Db A-Weighted
Max Level Into 30Ohms: +8Dbu, 0.0032% THD+N: 2.75Vpk
Power: 250Mw Or Pavg 125Mw
Max Level Into 60Ohms: +11Dbu, 0.0022% THD+N, 4.3Vpk
Power: 300Mw Or Pavg 150Mw
Max Level Into 600Ohms: +17.2Dbu, 0.0013% THD+N, 7.94Vpk
Power: 105Mw Or Pavg 52.5Mw
1/4in Jack:
Tip (Hot), Ring (Cold) & Sleeve (Shield)
Digital I/O:
Adat 8 Channels 44.1 - 48Khz Adat 4 Channels 88.2 - 96Khz Stereo S/Pdif 44.1 - 96Khz
USB2.0 High Speed
No. Of Input Channels 10 (2 Analogue, 8 Digital) No. Of Output Channels 14 (6 Analogue, 8 Digital)
iD DSP Mixer Roundtrip (in to out) Latency: 44.1 kHz - 1.43ms
48.0 kHz - 1.31ms
88.2 kHz - 0.719ms
96.0 kHz - 0.656ms
DAW Playback Latency at 32 Sample Buffer for Software Instrument Playback: 44.1 kHz - 3.166ms
96.0 kHz - 2.12ms
DAW Roundtrip Software Monitoring Latency at 32 Sample Buffer (in to out): 44.1 kHz - 6.33ms
96.0 kHz - 4.24ms