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  • Model: iD22 & ASP880
  • Manufactured by: Audient

Buy an Audient iD22 and take another 10% off the mighty Audient ASP880!

Two great things that go great together. The iD22 has proven itself to be a powerhouse in the production studio but when you need more inputs recording drums or a group or remote recording, simply connecting the ASP 8000 via lightpipe gives you 10 pristine Audient Microphone Preamps with 10 real hardwired inserts (not virtual DSP "inserts"). This is one of our favorite features of the Audient line.

Why is this important? Sure you can use a virtual insert and plug in a hardware compressor to beaf up your tracks but here's the thing. If the insert point is AFTER the converter you are getting the signal AFTER it have hit the A/D chip, then sent through another D/A chip to convert it back to audio to send to your hardware compressor and then back through another D/A chip to convert it back to digital. And the problem with that is not all the back and forth but that the real signal you are feeding your converter in the first place has to be low enough that the transient peaks don't blow the meters.

The transients are usually much higher than the average signal. Especially with thinks like snares. So with digital we are forced to record a fairly weak average signal so leave room for the transients. Using a virtual insert after the converters does nothing to change this however if you have a real analog insert before the converters where it belongs in the recording chain (like on a studio consoles which just happens to be Audient's bread and butter), then you can plug in a compressor or limiter to tame the transients. This will allow you to increase the average volume and fatten up the snare or guitar or singer BEFORE the signal hits the converters. With the insert button you can also A-B between the dry signal and the insert to hear just how much you re pulling down the peaks and fattening up the track before you record it.

All 10 inputs are automatically recognized and available with latency free direct monitoring in the Audient iD 22 software which gives you a well though virtual studio console designed by people that male studio consoles. Its perfect for setting up cue mixes for artists, feeding inputs to a daw and managing the control room monitoring, talkback, muting etc.

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