Audient iD14 High Performance USB Audio Interface

07/12/2015Wes Chapmon
The ID14 is small enough to fit in a back pack or courier bag with a laptop and a mic. It has two phenomenal mic preamps and super musical Burr Brown converters and its bus powered and can record studio quality sessions at 24/96k in an old cathedral or on the top of a mountain. How awesome is that? When plugged into the included power supply it can provide phantom power to studio condensers that require 48volts. It is also expandable with an 8 channel ADAT inputs so you can just plug in an ASP880 or similar 8 channel source for tracking 10 inputs at a time. The software is just like the iD22 just great, what you would expect from a leading console manufacturer. The iD14 has become our goto box for home studio and field recording. It is a perfect small interface that gives truly professional quality recording. The iD14 has a 56dB mic pre gain with a 10dB software boost for +66db while the iD22 pre's have a 60dB hardware gain with a -10 db pad. I found myself twisting the gain a bit more on the iD14 than with the 1D22 but the software boost works fine and even without it there was plenty of super clean gain to drive my condensers with quieter instruments such as classical guitar.