EBS Classic 410 4x10 Bass Cabinet

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  • Model: EBS 410CL
  • Manufactured by: EBS Professional Bass Equipment

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The EBS Classic line cabinets. Developed for musicians with a love of the classic sound and look, The EBS Classic line gear is 25 years of bass equipment building experience packaged in a vintage outfit. This versatile retro-styled gear comes with an unrivaled tonal clarity and power to blow your audience away.

Everyone deserves a great bass sound. The ClassicLine cabinets make the great EBS bass sound available to every bass player. Reminiscent of the EBS ProLine cabinets, with a little warmer and rounder character that adds a vintage touch. These are powerful cabinets that will make demanding bass players satisfied.

Full range. All cabinets are equipped with a 2” tweeter with a fader included in the cabinet for maximum sound control. The 112 use an on/off switch to control the tweeter. The tweeter adds to the full range sound.

4 or 8 ohms. The ClassicLine 810, 410 and 212 are all 4 ohm cabinets. The mini-size 112 and the new 210 mid-size cabinet are 8 ohm cabinets.

New 210 cabinet! The new EBS ClassicLine 210 cabinet adds to the flexibility of the ClassicLine range. It can be used as a stand-alone cabinet, or added to a 410 or 212 cabinet. Flip it 90 degrees, and it will fit on top of the 112 cabinet. Since it is an 8 ohm cabinet, an EBS Reidmar head can drive a pair of 210 together or one 210 with a 112. The new EBS Classic 500 amps share the width of the 112 and a flipped 210 cabinet, which makes possible to stack them together nicely. The EBS ClassicLine 210 is shipping now!

EBS ClassicLine 410
Configuration 4x 10" + 2"
Frequency Response 55 - 18k Hz
Sensitivity 99 dB
Power Rating 500 W RMS
Impedance 4 ohms
Height 68 cm / 27"
Width 64 cm / 25"
Depth 41 cm / 16"
Weight 34 kg / 76 lbs