1.2mm Flat FAST TURTLE Pick

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  • Model: JP-1.2mm FT
  • Manufactured by: John Pearce

John Pearse 1.2mm Flat FAST TURTLE Pick

Tortoise Shell has been the "Holy Grail" of guitar picks for as long as I can remember...and, for a considerably shorter time than that [we won't get picky] we have been trying to make picks which are legal and non-lethal to life forms, and which get the same sound.

John's wonderful Studio Picks taught people that a pick could be redesigned...and has 3 different picking points,each of which gets a different sound! So, after using Casein [a resin made from Milk and Phosphoric Acid] for our Faux Tortoise Shell Pins, it wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination to think about doing the Studio™ Picks in Casein.

Our NEW John Pearse® FAST TURTLES™ are so named in honor of all the tortoises who got away safely!

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